Our Difference

So often people have questions about their health that go unanswered because it can be such a hassle to get in touch with your own doctor.

Or maybe you’ve resorted to checking “Dr. Google” when you have questions and then spend time seeking out information. But then how do you even know if that information is GOOD information, reliable, and science-based?

Part of your Primary Care membership is having access to me WHEN YOU NEED ME. If you have a question or concern, you can just text me or call the office, have a televisit, or, of course, come on in. We always make time for our patients. Even recently while I was on vacation, I helped out 4 of my patients who would have spent HOURS in urgent care or emergency room settings, otherwise. Simple problems to manage, that needed medical care, but because I know my patients well, we were able to manage them through a few texts, and “voila!” The beauty of membership!

I do my best to manage everything I can for my patients. Here in Fairfield County, I’ve noticed that so many people have a specialist for every body part. High blood pressure? Off to the cardiologist. Hypothyroid? Off to the endocrinologist. Skin tags? Off to the dermatologist. Depression? Better see a psychiatrist. Need a pap or have a UTI or yeast infection? Gynecologist. Back pain? Chiropractor or physical therapy. Prefer natural approaches? Naturopath. These conditions and so many others are easily managed by a primary care doctor. But most don’t have enough time in the office to deal with all of these things. And most don’t have training in hands-on approaches to managing pain, or natural approaches to managing any medical condition. I can manage all of these issues and so many more, because I have the time and the training to do so. And this is the type of comprehensive care I love to provide to all of my patients.  I have the training. And I have the time – because I keep my practice small as compared to most physicians. Did you know the average primary care physician carries a patient panel of 2000-3000 patients? That’s why it can take up to 9 months to get an annual physical and why you may never see your own doctor when you have a problem. My practice will be limited to about 300 patients, to ensure that I always have the time for my patients when they need me