Be Kind to Yourself…

Today was a day that I had high hopes for great accomplishments. Alas! Some days we need to turn to Plan B, don’t we?

Tonya Cremin 2016

Sometimes, no matter what we had planned, little things add up and up and up and at the end of the day, it feels like we have a great big zero, nothing, NADA crossed off that endless list of things to do.

And, as stressful as that may be, sometimes you just have to laugh it off and take care of yourself. Revel in the mini accomplishments, right?

Ok, so in the spirit of full disclosure, I will reveal my accomplishments today:

  • Woke up.
  • Got dressed – not presentable to the outside world, necessarily, but out of pajamas, for sure.
  • Toasted some bread for kid #2.
  • Defrosted frozen blueberries for kid #1 (she never ate them).
  • Spoke to a colleague about a patient.
  • Checked on a patient at home.
  • Ordered groceries online.
  • Hung out at the table during unexpected distance learning day. All day.
  • Checked on kid #1 after school (still doing work with a friend online).
  • Back and forth with spouse about some frustrations in current times.
  • Attempted to wrangle brainwaves in order to accomplish something useful before scheduled call with work consultant.
  • Guided kid #2 with after school activities needed before screen time.
  • Cancelled scheduled call with work consultant. Sigh.
  • Helped kid #2 with Nintendo.
  • Gave up a little.
  • Sat here and wrote this blog.

So….clearly not an astounding day. Did you actually read that list? Snooze fest, right? Yep, I know. But….today I’m going to celebrate the little things…

  • I woke up. Amen!
  • I have a great spouse!
  • I have 2 great kids!
  • I have work!
  • My kids are making dinner and dessert! Bonus!
  • And tomorrow is another day!